13th February 2018

Eleanor Cassar: “He Surprised Me With Lots Of Red Heart-Shaped Balloons And Flowers”

Singer Eleanor Cassar, who got married and welcomed her first child last year, shares her plans for Valentine’s Day this year.

“My husband, Carl Matthew, and I love celebrating Valentine’s Day! I remember our first year together – he surprised me with lots of red heart-shaped balloons and flowers in my car. It was lovely! This year, we’re going out for a lovely dinner together with our daughter.”

“My husband and I have always led busy lives, but ever since our daughter, Krista Maraya, was born, they became even more so, as you can imagine! Our responsibilities and dedication as parents have changed drastically - we had to make some adjustments to our lifestyles so that we could spend more time with her. But we definitely do our best to try and manage everything and split chores - most of the time, I do the housework, while Carl Matthew takes care of Krista.

“As parents, there's no doubt that you have to make sacrifices. You give up a lot of your own time, and when times are difficult, we help each other out as best we can. A lot of patience is required in relationships and in parenthood, but when my daughter calls me Mum and hugs me, I feel so very blessed!”

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