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Fascinators at a wedding – the how, where and why

Uncovering the mysteries of these elaborate not-quite-hats.

Why does one wear a fascinator?

A fascinator is worn on occasions where hats are expected, such as a wedding. Unlike hats, some fascinators can be worn in the evening, and may be referred to as a cocktail hat. Brides can wear them too instead of a bridal veil, especially if their gowns are non-traditional.

Yes, but what does it add to my outfit?

A great fascinator is like a fabulous pair of shoes – it completes a formal outfit and makes you look even better on a day when you already look great. Think of a fascinator as a form of self-expression, especially the more elaborate, custom-made artistic pieces.

What is typically worn with a fascinator and how can I style it so I don’t look ridiculous?

It depends on the overall design of the headpiece. They look equally great with a dress or a jumpsuit. Always make sure you have a cohesive look head-to-toe — the only time a fascinator looks silly is when it’s clear that it was an afterthought.

So what kind of shapes can I wear on my head?

Anything! Let your imagination roam free! From feathers to flowers to bold and unusual architectural shapes, it’s all acceptable. However, if you’re just dipping your toe in the fascinator pool, the tried-and-tested fascinator shape is the classic disc shape – you can’t go wrong with that.

Who can we turn to for fascinator inspiration?

All of the royals have perfected the fine art of fascinator-wearing, but Kate Middleton is an absolute pro. When in doubt, take a look at how she’s worn and styled these fancy accessories in the past.

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