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10th January 2017

“Fate, love and circumstances brought us back together again” – Amy & Mark 

The indomitable Amy Camilleri Zahra, founder of Amputees 4 Amputees, shares her special day with OurWedding.

Now married for almost five years, Amy and Mark’s history together stretches back all the way to the end of 2002. “We met at a New Year’s Eve party and hit it off immediately. We spent three years together, only to break up at the beginning of 2006. However, fate, love and life’s circumstances brought us back together again after a couple of months apart.”

Mark proposed to Amy on her birthday in 2010, after they had been together for 7 years. “The proposal was quite a surprise. Mark booked dinner for us at a beautiful restaurant in Mdina. I thought that we were there to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know that he was going to pop the question. Before the arrival of our dessert, one of the waiters handed me a large bouquet of roses. At that moment it still hadn’t occurred to me that this was all Mark’s doing and I remember saying to myself, ‘very sweet of the restaurant’s management to treat me to flowers on my birthday’. Mark then handed me a small pocket with a diamond inside and asked me whether I wanted to marry him. My first question was, ‘What is this?’ Amidst the tears, I then said ‘yes’.”

While Mark went about preparing an apartment for the newlyweds to move into, Amy went about planning the wedding. “I would ask Mark to come to important appointments to make sure we were on the same page, but I was in charge of everything that had to do with the wedding.” Luckily, some things just seemed to flow naturally. For example, the dress she wore was the first one she tried on. “It was made of pure silk, very simple with a heart shaped neckline and an a-line silhouette. To compensate for the simplicity of the dress I then chose a mantilla veil – something I had always wanted – which I thought complimented the dress very well.”

On June 2nd 2012, the day of the wedding, Amy’s six bridesmaids came to her house very early in the morning to start preparing. “I can never forget the laughs we had as we were getting ready as well as the butterflies and feelings of excitement shared with my mother.” The wedding was a traditional one, and Amy and Mark opted for an early evening mass at St Dominic’s Church, Rabat, so that their guests could enjoy the sunset at the reception venue at the Hilton Gazebo.

“I was very close to my late father so the hug and hand shake that my father gave to my husband to-be upon our arrival at the altar will remain forever etched in my memory. The same goes for my first dance with my husband as husband and wife, the few minutes we managed to sneak away to just be in the moment and look at what everyone was doing during the reception, and the daughter-father dance.” For their honeymoon, Amy and Mark went away to the Americas for three weeks. “We drove across California from San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego for the first part. Then we went to Cancun in Mexico and spent four nights there and then for the last part we went to New York and spent another four nights there.”

Their last anniversary took them back to the Hilton where it all happened. “We do not have any plans for the one coming as yet but I am sure we will celebrate it one way or another,” Amy smiles.

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