28th July 2018

Going-away ideas for the ultimate send-off

Going-away in a car too common for you? Here are some of the best transport alternatives we’ve found to ensure your send-off is as memorable as your entrance!

If you want to leave your wedding reception in style, renting a limo isn’t the only option (though yes, that is a good one!) Here are a few fun alternatives for the bride and groom who like to do things a little differently.


Have you got a great affinity for the water? If so, this is a fitting option. Opt for a luxurious cabin cruiser, traditional luzzu, or an adrenaline-fuelled ride like a speedboat or jet-ski for the ultimate send-off – many wedding venues across the island are conveniently located close to the sea, making this a fantastic going-away idea.


Picture this: a couple in full wedding gear, cycling off into the night on a decorated tandem bike – or matching rides – bride’s veil blowing in the wind and groom pulling a few faces. It might only prove romantic for 10 minutes, before both of you break a sweat, but you’ll be laughing at those photos long after you’ve repaired the rips in your dress. And you can cheat of course – cycle until the cheering crowd can no longer see you, and call a taxi for an effortless ride home (we won’t tell).


Wouldn’t you hate to step outside your wedding venue after a long, tiring day and find your car covered in anything from damp toilet paper and shaving foam to egg shells and flour? Well, if you leave with a motor bike or scooter, the likelihood of that happening is far lower! Instead, hint at something more traditional, such as cans strung to the back of the bike and streamers on the handlebars – not only will you avoid a messy drive to a carwash, but you’ll be jetting off into the night in style.


Care to show your patriotic side while making a grand exit? No better way to do it than with a bright traditional Maltese bus. You’re guaranteed an authentic and original departure, and a romantic one too. You and your significant other will have an entire bus to yourselves to reflect on the day’s memorable events, and if you want to flop back and put your feet up, you’ve got more than enough room to do so!

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