4th July 2019

Gordon Ramsay takes daddy duties seriously during a stroll with new-born son

Baby Oscar James looked as relaxed as it gets.

As a father of five children, celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay has long had daddy duties under control, and although his youngest, Oscar Ramsay, arrived 16 years after younger sister Matilda, it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten how to handle those early years.

Ramsay shared a photo on Instagram of him with his son during an outdoor stroll. “Walk in the Park with my new best mate!” he wrote.

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Ramsay and his wife, Tana, welcomed the youngest member of their family back in April, which came as incredibly happy news for the couple after Tana suffered a miscarriage five months into her pregnancy in June 2016.

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Older siblings Megan, 21, twins Holly and Jack, 19, and 16-year-old Matilda were also thrilled at the arrival of their baby brother, who actually has an Instagram page of his own, managed by his sister Matilda, a.k.a Tilly.

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