3rd December 2019

History & grandeur come together at this magnificent venue for an unforgettable wedding

Few could say they got married at a fort!

If you’re getting married on the Maltese Islands and are looking for an innovative venue that will leave your guests impressed, there are a few that stand out among the many available locally, and one of these is Heritage Malta’s Fort St Elmo.

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Fort St Elmo has been woven into Malta’s history, heritage and culture for centuries, making it an intrinsic part of some of Malta’s most significant historical episodes. A wedding at such a venue can’t get more prestigious than that!

The Fort is equipped for outdoor weddings with different areas to choose from for whatever kind of wedding you’re envisioning. You can even opt to have both the ceremony and the reception celebrated at this magnificent location, as it comes with two historic chapels of its own, located within the Fort’s grounds that are perfect for your nuptial mass.

heritage malta

Wide, open spaces and scenic views of the Grand Harbour and the surrounding towns and villages set the perfect scene for a great start to married life – and great wedding photos, too!

The main area, Piazza D’Armi, is the largest area in the Fort and has a capacity of 2,000 standing or 800 seated guests. The magnificent parade grounds, located opposite the Chapel of St Anne and surrounded by buildings that served as barracks during the British period, serve as the ideal backdrop to a stylish and modern wedding.

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Impressive and grandiose, the Casemates Area is fronted by the imposing Porta del Soccorso and by the majestic bastions of Fort St Elmo together with the barrel-vaulted casemates that overlook the Grand Harbour. Quite the stunning spot! On the other hand, the high walls of the Cavalier Piazza loom over this spacious historic square. By choosing this area, your wedding will be immersed in the unique atmosphere of a place which has witnessed some of the most remarkable events on our islands.

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If you’re planning on having a smaller wedding, the Upper Museum Areas are ideal for an intimate but stunning reception. These parts of the Fort are endowed with breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour and with a beautiful spectacle of light and nature on the horizon. You can also wander to the West Terrace, which is a strategic open area to enjoy amazing views of the Valletta peninsula and the Marsamxett harbour.

heritage malta

As couples become more adventurous and explore new alternative venues, such a location will not only make your special day more memorable but will also help make your wedding more distinctive.

All parts of the Fort have their own particular appeal, however, Heritage Malta’s expert would highly recommend Piazza D’Armi. Celebrate the nuptial mass at one of the historical chapels, and proceed to the wedding reception close by for a perfectly harmonious flow.

heritage malta

Couples are advised to get in touch with Heritage Malta’s venues expert on to set an appointment for a private site visit while also visiting the website for more information.

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