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9th August 2017

How Not to Lose Your Wedding Ring on your Honeymoon (And What to Do if you Do!)

Take it from me: you do not want to lose your wedding (or, worse still, engagement) ring on your honeymoon. Especially twenty minutes after take-off…

By Rebecca Anastasi

I hate flying. But that didn’t stop me or my new husband! We were off to Japan for our honeymoon, and as I settled into my aisle seat (chosen purposely for a quick escape should the plane affect a crash landing), I felt comfortable in the knowledge that we were in safe hands. But, I hadn’t counted on the safety of what was on my hand.

Shortly after the seat belt sign was switched off, I went to the loo, being careful to keep an eye on my wedding finger while I washed it. My rings were, after all, the most precious things I owned. I got back to my seat, buckled in and reached out for a magazine. I thought I was imagining things when I looked down. But, no. My wedding ring had disappeared! I bolted upright and a frantic search ensued: cushions were ripped off their seats, magazine pages torn out, my husband swearing in the background. This is not how I had imagined my honeymoon would be.

I did find it in the end (actually, the guy behind us did: it had somehow rolled under our seat and he had been stepping on it) and I made a mental note of how I could avoid this situation in the future. Here are some of my conclusions.


One of the major reasons this happened was that both my rings were slightly big for me. I had lost quite a bit of weight for the wedding (apparently, it’s ‘natural’ even if you’re not trying to shed the pounds, or so my seamstress sagely informed me) and, despite placing a stopper on my engagement ring, it still moved ever-so-slightly. I hadn’t thought it would be a major problem. Evidently, I was wrong.


Again, I should have known this. Having worked in an accessories shop through my university days, I had witnessed my fair share of ‘ring-stuck-on-finger’ scenarios. But, wet hands, combined with cold air, constricts your blood vessels and narrows your fingers. Slippage possibilities abound. To avoid this happening to you, place your wedding and engagement rings somewhere safe before take-off/swimming in the Caribbean/soaking up in your private hot tub.


Ok, so I hadn’t taken my rings off, the gods did that for me. But, being away from home, far from my usual routine and stomping grounds did increase the risk of me losing one of them. There was always one thing at the very back of my mind while trying to keep up with my tour guide companions in Tokyo, savouring the peace at one of Kyoto’s temples or gawping at the dramatic waterfalls near Hakone: are my rings still on my finger? Luckily, they were. I didn’t lose them again (well, not until the return flight…but that’s another story!)


So, say you do lose them. And, say you don’t find them again. The upset would be overwhelming, but if you insure them, the tragedy would not be as cataclysmic. While you cannot put a price on their emotional or symbolic significance, their monetary value is replaceable. Be sensible, speak to your insurance company before travelling and make sure you’re covered.


Whatever you do, don’t panic. You and your spouse will recover from the shock. He may never buy you another ring again, but necklaces make lovely anniversary presents.

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