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10th January 2019 

How NOT to react to a friend’s engagement ring

Whether it’s huge, tiny, pretty or meh in your eyes, exercise etiquette

1. “Let me see the ring!”

…is what NOT to say to your friend the moment she tells you she’s engaged. Consider ‘congratulations’ or ‘how exciting’ first, perhaps? Also, she may not have a ring. Just saying.

2. “Wow! Your fiancé’s doing well!”

You may think you’re complementing the good taste of your friend’s future spouse, but a slithering comment like this simply underlines the financial spend on the ring, rather than the ring itself.

3. “That thing is huge!”

Thanks, I guess? Much as you might be meaning well, it can make the person wearing it feel really uncomfortable.

4. “It’s so small!”

Again, you’re going to make the wearer squirm with a comment like this. And anyway, who cares about the size? You certainly shouldn’t.

5. “It’s so…unusual”

Do you mean ugly? Or beautifully unique? Be careful with your choice of words, especially with a person who you know is sensitive – it’s incredibly easy to be misunderstood or misinterpreted with a vague comment that has plenty of room for interpretation.

6. “It’s not a diamond?”

Does it matter? Perhaps the couple made a conscious choice to buy a precious stone rather a diamond, for whatever reason they see fit. Just be happy for them!

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