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14th November 2018

How to make the perfect catering choice for your wedding

It’s no secret that food is an all-too important element.

Think about the last wedding you went to. What was the most memorable aspect of it? Was it what the bride wore? Maybe. Was it the venue? Possibly. Or was it whether the food was exceptional or not? That’s more like it. Us Maltese are remarkably fond of our food, and at a wedding, expectations tend to run high. The wedding that keeps its guests well-fed and watered will be one that is not only enjoyed on the day, but also remembered fondly for years to come.

“A varied and innovative menu makes a wedding memorable,” says Cursty Bugeja Briffa, Senior Sales, Catering and Events at C. Camilleri & Sons (Catering) Ltd. “We do our best to personalise each and every wedding based on the couple’s preferences.”

Apart from the number of guests and duration of the wedding, Cursty says that the couple should also take into consideration the age group of the guests invited because that will reflect on the type of items chosen and beverages served.

In other words, if your crowd is a mix of hip younger people with experimental tastes, and older people who tend to stick to what they know and like, make sure you have the kind of food that will satisfy them both.

“The catering company’s guidance and expert advice will help them make the right decisions, in terms of both quantities and kinds of food on offer,” Cursty says.

At Camilleri, couples are guided towards a balance between food stations and finger food menus.

“Our food stations are versatile and interesting, from your typical BBQ stations, to American street stalls to Indonesian stalls. Our couples also have the option to come up with recommendations and create their own stalls!”

“With our variety of stations we are able to cater for food suitable for every season. BBQ stations, sushi and seafood stalls are more popular in summer, whereas carvery stalls and pasta stations are well sought after in the colder months.”

Asked what advice they always give to couples who are planning their wedding, Cursty says that trust is key.

“We are here to guide our couples as to the right amount and type of items, to ensure that there is sufficient amount of food for all guests and at the same time reduce the element of waste.”

“Our aim is to offer peace of mind and create a memorable day for the couple and their guests alike.”

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