Ira Losco & Sean Gravina

‘I Don’t Think We Ever Imagined We Would End Up Together’

Eurovision star Ira Losco and her boyfriend Sean Gravina share their Valentine's Day plans. 

Ira and Sean have known each other for a long time, as Sean’s dad and Ira’s late uncle were best friends. “That said, I don’t think we ever imagined we would end up together!” smiles Sean. “But a few summers ago, I sent Ira a message to wish her a happy birthday… and the rest is history!”

Ira explains that Sean was living in the UK at the time, so they took things very slowly and dated when he was in Malta for holidays. “We ended up together quite naturally after a while,” she says.

The couple do enjoy Valentine’s Day, although they say it is ‘just another day’ for them, as they try to be as romantic as possible, as often as possible. “We really enjoy our time together,” continues Ira. “We’re both extremely busy so every second we spend together is valued, and we don’t inject lots of fuss into the things we do. That said, we do get each other little gifts on February 14, just as a surprise.”

The pair say they are both romantic in their own ways, though Ira admits that Sean really does go out of his way to make her feel special. And spontaneity is very important to them. “One of our favourite dates ever was totally off the cuff,” Sean says. “We started with sushi and wine, and didn’t feel like going home after that, so we thought it would be fun to head to a nearby casino and try our luck at roulette. We didn’t win anything but it was fun all the same. We then went back out into the night for ice-cream and a walk along the Spinola seafront. It was the perfect evening!”


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