12th February 2018

Julie Zahra: “Her smile and sparkling eyes make it all worthwhile” 

Singer Julie Zahra and her partner Garett had their first baby, Nina Mae, in 2017. In this exclusive interview, Julie shares what being a new mum is like, how she and Garett share parenting roles and memories of their first Valentine’s Day together.

“When you have a baby, life is so unpredictable but it’s fun and incredibly rewarding,” says Julie Zahra. “Our lives have changed drastically – parenthood brings with it a lot of responsibilities. There are sleepless nights, diaper catastrophes and the task of juggling our jobs and careers with parenthood. But if I had to look at the pros and cons, I can say it’s definitely been for the better.”

What’s your favourite part of being a parent?

I had to reflect on this question as I couldn’t really say – I enjoy every part of it. If I had to pick one, it would be the mornings when Nina Mae wakes up for her morning nappy change and bottle. Her smile and sparkling eyes make it all worthwhile. She is a joy and such a happy baby.

Is there anything about being a new mum that you didn’t expect?

Where do I begin? No matter how many articles, online blogs and advice you get, you have to experience it first-hand to realise how overwhelming everything is in the beginning. The first few weeks of becoming a mum were the hardest and I’m sure other mummies can relate to this. I was exhausted, grumpy and hormonal. On the other hand I fell head over heels in love with my daughter. I also realised how good at multi-tasking I can be…from holding my daughter, playing with her, preparing dinner and the list goes on forever! And believe me patience is a virtue!

How do you and Garett divide parenting responsibilities?

Let me start by saying that Garett is an amazing dad and a great partner. The fact that he works shifts makes it easier to split house chores and take care of Nina. We don’t have a set list of tasks that we split between the two of us… but if for instance, clothes need washing, the one who’s available or who’s not feeding Nina or preparing dinner takes over. Life is very busy for both of us but we tend to do our utmost in helping one another to facilitate the day.

How do you make time for each other?

As parents we make sure that we also find time for ourselves and we have started to set date nights in order to spend time together. We both think this is important as a couple. Luckily we have families that support us massively, and this has helped us keep things running smoothly (or nearer to smoothly!)

What’s the most memorable Valentine’s you’ve ever spent together?

It was simple and yet lovely and romantic. We both met after a singing engagement I had and we spent the night drinking wine, complemented with my favourite chocolates on a bench, enjoying each other’s company.

How will you be spending it this year?

Sorry if its sounds disappointing but I haven’t thought about it! We don’t really make a big fuss over it – but our anniversary is around the corner and is a couple of days away from St Valentine’s – so we will probably be planning a day out for our anniversary, which will include our daughter of course! So this year’s will be a special one, full of cheeky smiles, extra cuddles, kisses, bottles and nappies!

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