18th June 2019

“Knowing I have a strong influence on the upbringing of Lyla gives me a great sense of responsibility”

He’s a family man through and through.

Gianluca Bezzina just celebrated his second father’s day this year – he still considered himself a dad when little Lyla was still on the way – but this year, it’s that much more special for the doctor, musician, father and husband.

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Featured in the cover story of the latest issue of Gwida magazine, Gianluca shared his thoughts on parenthood, and the many rewards and challenges it brings with it, one of which is adapting to dividing his time much more than before.

“Vanessa and I love spending time together and really enjoy each other’s company. So one of the biggest challenges we faced when Lyla arrived was that we had to share a lot of that time with a new member of the family,” he says. “But the change also presented a new adventure for us as a family, one we always wanted and aspired to, and one we’re really enjoying discovering together.”

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But there were bigger challenges for the new parents early on in their daughter’s life. “Nowadays, I can definitely empathise a lot more with parents and the challenges they face, especially when complications arise that you have no control over, such as those concerning health. We feel that Lyla was reborn after she fell ill at just three weeks old, and I can’t thank the public enough for its support during that time.”

With that difficult period behind them, Gianluca says that five-month old Lyla fills their home, as well as the couple’s families’ and friends’ homes, with lots of happiness, and as new parents, they’re grateful for the help they receive from their nearest and dearest.

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Gianluca adds that family has always meant so much to him, so becoming a father and starting a family of his own has always been something he longed for.

“My father is one of the people I admire the most, and both my parents raised me and my siblings with a lot of love and care. They always did their best to invest their time in us and to pass on strong values to us, and knowing that I too have a strong influence on the upbringing of my child gives me both a greater sense of responsibility, and also a greater appreciation for my parents.”

As one of seven siblings, does Gianluca envision having a large family of his own someday? “Growing up the way I did with my siblings, and having such fond memories of my childhood makes this something that Vanessa and I both want,” he says.

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“I always imagined that the home I’d live in as a parent would resemble the one I was raised in as a child, so that our children can enjoy the same blessings as I did. But we’re taking things one step at a time. Our first daughter has arrived, and right now we’re enjoying this time with her.”

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