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4th January 2018

Of Music, Family and Merriment – Dorothy & Karl

After 14 years of life, love and laughter, Dorothy Bezzina and Karl Borg tied the knot in a stunning celebration last June.

Dorothy Bezzina and Karl Borg’s journey as a couple began back in 2003, when the pair met at St Aloysius College Sixth Form. “We were both actively involved in the school’s extra-curricular activities – Karl mostly through sport, while I participated in concerts, choreographed dances or directed soirée musicals, one time with a cast including a crazy bunch of Math students who were simply in it for the fun, including Karl.”

Dorothy, a Maltese teacher, explains how Karl, an architect, immediately made himself at home once he got to know her big family. “My youngest siblings were only around four and seven at the time, so he is like an older brother to them. In fact, they often recall the numerous piggy back rides he used to give them and the little notes they used to write to him. Karl’s family was also extremely welcoming, and as much as we’re into music, they’re die-hard athletes with a fiercely competitive streak. It seemed that the combination (or contrast!) worked perfectly well!”

After 14 years together, Dorothy and Karl, both 31 years old, naturally gravitated towards marriage, although there was no formal proposal involved. “After years of studying together, getting our first jobs, developing on a personal level and as a couple, we agreed to set a date together, one which worked well around our studies, work and other commitments,” says Dorothy. “Also, my sister, Samaria, and brother, Gianluca, were also planning their own weddings for 2017, and we all got to enjoy the planning process together as much as possible. We attended the Cana course together and also shared endless Pinterest pictures, tips and colour schemes to make sure we successfully convert our ideas into our ideal celebrations.”

The couple set the date for 24th June, 2017, with the ceremony celebrated at the Parish Church of the Assumption in Qrendi, followed by a reception at the Saluting Battery in Valletta. The couple carefully determined what they wanted for their own wedding, and involved both their families in the preparation, adding to the celebratory spirit.

“Our main priority was the ceremony – we invested a great deal of time in making it our own, together with the guidance of Fr Patrick Magro. The Parish Church of the Assumption in Qrendi was a natural choice for us, since, apart from Qrendi being my hometown, Karl has grown equally familiar and fond of its charm and people,” says Dorothy.

“With regards to the reception, entertainment and venue took precedence, so we made sure to book those well in advance and plan the date according to their availability. Booking the right kind of entertainment for our chosen venue was very important to us, since it often sets the mood and ambiance of the reception. Given the ample space, our personal tastes, and the vibe we wanted to create, we opted for an eleven-piece band including brass and a rhythm section, and we really had the best time! Knowing it was not going to be easy to get our guests off the dance floor, we hired a DJ for the hours after cutting the cake.”

Dorothy explains that the couple’s choice of theme for their wedding was purely a reflection of their personalities – simplicity, a focus on quality rather than quantity, and attention to detail. “We’re both drawn to elegant, timeless décor, so we opted for a palette of ivory, gold and light champagne, with deep pink and purple contrasts, and incorporated pearls as adornments on the invitations, dresses and jewellery,” says Dorothy.

“Coincidentally, our wedding was one week before the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in Qrendi, and a few village friends went the extra mile, even on the wedding day itself, to ensure that the church was beautifully decorated in time for the wedding. When I arrived at the church, I was in awe of the rich floral décor that completed it, especially the beautiful silver chandeliers that decorated the aisle. Even more heart-warming was seeing the great number of guests who made it to our ceremony. The church was completely full to its capacity. It was everything we could ask for!”

Both of their families simply love a good party, and the couple wanted to achieve that merrymaking atmosphere on their wedding day too. “We are also lucky to have held onto relationships formed along the years, and so, our wedding was greatly anticipated both by our relatives and also by our many friends,” she explains. “We took time to choose meaningful readings for our ceremony, to design and write our own invitations and booklets, and to select the song list for mass. I also took care of all the song arrangements myself and rehearsed with my friends and siblings, who created a beautiful, uplifting atmosphere during the ceremony with their music and singing.”

Being one of seven siblings, Dorothy asserts that, as a family, they readily share their ample talents and resources to help each other out. “My sister, Vincienne, professionally compiled our guest book, using a set of pictures she had taken of Karl and myself during family trips. My brothers, on the other hand, kept themselves busy rehearsing to perform our first dance number, while my parents took care of our souvenirs.”

As for the bride’s stunning gown, Dorothy explains that finding the right dress turned out to be one of the easiest tasks of the planning process. “Designed by Vira Basaraba, the dress came in four separate parts as well as a veil: a plain duchess satin skirt with pearl beading on the side pockets, a detachable train, a separate bodice with sweet-heart neckline, worn under an intricately-beaded cover-up with a string of pearls attached from one shoulder to the other, emulating a back necklace. Apart from the details of the dress itself, I loved the idea of being able to wear separate parts of it again on different occasions.”

Asked to share their favourite part of the whole day, Dorothy says one sure highlight was her father’s performance of a song he wrote and sang for them, which narrated some of the most memorable moments they shared. “Everyone joined in the chorus, escalating into a final waltz with fireworks as the grand finale. The first dance was also a lovely surprise planned by Karl, together with my three brothers – Gianluca sang a haunting acoustic version of ‘Walking After You’ by Foo Fighters, accompanied by Paul and Joseph on guitar.”

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