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10th October 2017

Old Hollywood Glamour in a Local Setting – Mandy & Christlor

Mandy Cini Galea and Christlor Cini, who tied the knot last July, delve into the details of their glamorous wedding day celebrated in Malta’s cities.

Mandy Cini Galea, 30, and Christlor Cini, 26, both cabin crew, first crossed paths in March 2008, and hit it off right away. “We often mentioned and wondered what we’d be like as a married couple, and it wasn’t long until Chris popped the question,” Says Mandy.

One year into their relationship in September 2011, on Mandy’s birthday after a romantic dinner in Mdina, Chris gave Mandy a birthday card, within which was a picture of a man on bended knee. “By the time I looked at Christlor to understand what he meant by it, he was already on his knee asking me the question,” says Mandy. “However, the wedding had to be postponed to an indefinite date at that point, and we started saving up and looking into available dates at the Mdina Cathedral around four years ago. Unexpectedly, Chris proposed a second time at the exact same spot a few years ago, recreating the special moment for us once more. It was very emotional, and a surprise I definitely wasn’t expecting!”

Seeing as they live overseas, preparations were handled by the couple together with the help of their parents, although they were sure from the get-go of the ceremony and reception locations. “The church and wedding venue, St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina and Saluting Battery in Valletta respectively, were the places we knew we wanted from the very start, and we settled on 15th July 2017 for our wedding date.”

“Like any other couple, we tried to create something magical and memorable for ourselves, our families and friends who attended. We wanted the overall theme to be elegant, with a colour palette of mainly white with pastel touches,” says Mandy. “A meeting took place between Jurgen Briffa, our wedding organiser, the best men Perry Simpson and Kurt Attard Biancardi, and ourselves, and thanks to all of their hard work and attention to detail, everything planned was perfectly executed and all of our expectations were met.”

The couple’s wedding was largely traditional but with unusual twists, which reflected Mandy and Christlor’s personalities. “We had four witnesses and two best men. Mandy’s dress, although traditionally white, had an old school glamour look to it, and we had doves released on our way to Upper Barrakka Gate, which was a surprise from Chris’s parents,” they explain. “The wedding cake, rather than plain white, featured three different pastel colours, as well as landmarks we’ve visited around the world, and a cake topper of a plane with a couple inside. For our first dance, we had a surprise performance by Mike Spiteri who sang our favourite song.” Mandy adds, “also not very traditional is that both my parents walked me down the aisle. My father felt that such an important moment should be shared between the two people who brought me to this world.”

In keeping with the couple’s line of work, they chose a Maltese passport-inspired wedding invitation, and rather than giving away traditional souvenirs, they donated proceeds to Dr Klown, the organisation that entertains ill children in hospital.

As for the bride’s gown, Mandy says she started the search around 8 months before the wedding, with a clear idea in mind of the type of dress she wanted. “I love the Old Hollywood glamour look, however, I was open to other options. While in New York for work, I found the dress of my dreams, but I always wanted my mother to be with me when the special moment came for me to try on and purchase the dress. A couple of weeks later, while in Malta, I found the same dress I had seen abroad at Ivory&Co!” Mandy adds that her bridal look was a little unique – “I had red nail polish, a flower head crown by Lena Rom, and statement earrings to complement the look. Spending time figuring out what you’d feel confident in is time well spent ahead of the big day.”

Asked to pick their favourite part of the whole day, Mandy and Chris say the various surprises prepared by their relatives are pretty unforgettable. “From Mandy leaving her parents’ house with the Xghajra Scouts playing backpipes and drums, Christlor’s uncle and aunt coming from abroad, the firing of canons at the reception, and Mike Spiteri’s appearance were among the highlights of our wedding,” they say. “Nevertheless, the moment we exchanged vows in church was very emotional and a memory we will cherish forever.”

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