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22nd December 2018

On-trend cover ups to keep you warm at a winter wedding

Beat the chill in style

1. Poncho

A poncho might appear to be a casual choice initially, but not if you succeed at finding a style that has just the right amount of evening elegance, such as this soft knit poncho that boasts an air of sophistication.

2. Coat

This double-breasted wrap-over coat is a perfect combination of style and comfort. Whether draped over your shoulders a la Meghan Markle or buttoned and tied up, it’s a stylish look that will complete your outfit.

3. Shawl

If the weather is just a little chilly, or you’re simply the lucky kind who doesn’t feel cold, a light but smart shawl is a great option. Avoid super casual scarves if possible – a paisley print option in rich colours will look right on point.

4. Cape

Whether long or short, thick or flimsy, a cape is among the most stylish options on this list. Capes have soared in the style stakes in recent years, and you’ll find a selection of colours, fabrics and finishes to buy in shops and online.

5. Faux Fur

Faux fur cover-ups are among the more glamorous options, and go with pretty much any outfit at this time of year, capable of dressing up even the simplest of looks. Whether in light grey, beige, white or black, you’re guaranteed to look and feel great.

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