17th August 2018

Proposals with pets: the cutest & funniest engagement photos with four-legged friends

Was it a pup-osal?

1. A diamond occasion…with a golden retriever!

It’s all smiles for this adorable family – especially that pooch.

2. Have you asked yet sir?

We’re not sure this cute kitty is loving his outfit, but there’s no denying he looks the part!

3. Yes, yes, and yes!

Those eyes! How could you say no?

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4. All bowed up ready to go

It’s not just puppies and kittens that can get the job done, and adorably so too.

5. Can’t say no to THIS face

Just make sure he doesn’t swat it away or mistake it for a treat.

6. A unicorn?

Even legendary creatures will do.

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7. I want both ring and pup!

This cutie looks ready to pop the question instead of its owner!

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8. Double trouble?

They appear so eager to know the answer – and we can’t blame them.

9. Giddy up!

These beauties seem to approve too.

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10. This alpaca must be the cutest ever!

Just goes to show how all animals add a special factor to a marriage proposal. 

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11. And on the big day!

Picture purr-fect!

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