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12th July 2016

Protecting your Safe Haven

Protecting your Safe Haven

For many of us, our home is our safe haven – the place we retreat to after a long day, and where we spend quality time with our loved ones. But for those of us who own our own home, jetting off on holiday this summer means leaving the house unattended for a long period of time.

You and your hubby have been counting down the days for months, and the excitement has reached fever pitch now that it’s finally time to jet off on your long-awaited summer holiday! Your bags packed and passports in hand, you make your way to the airport and check in. Ooh, the gates are open, it’s time to go! And as you walk over to the plane, you can’t resist snapping a photo. You post it to Facebook with a teasing caption: ‘And we’re off! See you in a week Malta!’

While this all might seem like a bit of harmless fun, that one status or photo could be enough to put your home at risk. While your friends may wish you well, social media posts may easily fall into the wrong hands, leaving you inadvertently alerting potential thieves that your home will be left unattended for a certain amount of time. The risk is a real one, so much so that security experts advise against ‘advertising’ your holiday on Facebook entirely.

But that’s not the only precaution you can take when it comes to burglar-proofing your home. Services like CCTV monitoring, alarm monitoring hooked up to a security company’s control room and even professional patrol visits are all available to help homeowners protect their home from intruders. Patrolman services that carry out random inspections while you’re abroad are particularly interesting, and ideal if you don’t have a family member or friend you can trust to keep an eye on things while you’re away.

A security system can also come in very handy on a day-to-day basis too – especially now that summer is upon us, bringing all sorts of events and occasions that have us spending far more time out of the house than in it. If you’re a first-time home owner, taking into account all the expenses that come with setting up a new house, installing a security system might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but things like an intruder alarm should not be seen as extras. In the long run, they really can make all the difference!

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