9th January 2017

Ryan Gosling Dedicates Golden Globes Speech to Eva Mendes in Best Way Possible

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Ryan Gosling, who shot to fame after his glorious performance in The Notebook in 2004, paid a touching tribute to long-term partner Eva Mendes, with whom he has two daughters, during his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Gosling – who won Best Actor for La La Land – started by saying “You don’t get to be up here without standing on the shoulders of a mountain of people.”

And with a limited time to thank everyone who played a part in the making of the movie, he dedicated the rest of his speech to his partner, who he revealed was busy raising one daughter, pregnant with another and nursing her terminally ill brother while Gosling was filming La La Land.

“If she hadn’t taken all that on so that I could have this experience, there would surely be someone else up here other than me today. So sweetheart, thank you.”

Watch the full speech below

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