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14th July 2018

Say thank you to your groomsmen with these knock-out gift ideas

Just two words, but a helluva present!

1. Personalised bands

On the pricier end of the scale, personalised wristbands are thoughtful, stylish and a solid reminder of the appreciation you both feel. Be careful both the size and the style fit, if you want to make sure they’ll wear it long-term.

2. Or cufflinks

If your groomsmen are more Hugo Boss, you might want to look for something a bit more upmarket – and useful; something which is also tailor-made to their lifestyles. Cufflinks could fit the bill and they could look pricier than they really are! Double win!

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3. A box full of goodies

The guys really pulled out all the stops for your big day, so why don’t you do so too? Treat them like kings, by sorting out a gift pack which brings together a little of what they love best, whether this is food, or products to make them look their very best.

4. Some cheeky socks

Who doesn’t love a sense of humour? We’re sure there were plenty of laughs in the run-up and during the wedding. Keep the fun going with smarty-pants socks they’ll want to show off again and again and again.

5. Inspiration for their next trip?

You may be going off on your honeymoon, but what about your wedding party? Inspire them to book their own break with some handy guides – after all, they’re going to need a bit of time out after all that work!

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6. A meal!

Nothing says thank you like a meal does. It’s not necessarily the food which is the key (though, you know what they say about a man and his stomach), but it’s the time you’ve invested in preparing such a special gift – and the time taken to simply say: we appreciate everything you did for us.

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7. A bottle of something something

And not just anything. Choose their favourite tipple; do some research about what they love – and loathe – and try and get them something they’ve never had before, but which you know they’re going to love. And, as an added bonus, try and get the bottle personalised!

8. And a glass to cheer you both with!

On second thoughts, maybe you should get one of these for all of you! Cheers!

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