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24th November 2018

Should the groom be allowed to see the bride before the wedding?

Members of Facebook group Wedding Talk give us their two cents

Tradition dictates that the groom shouldn’t see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. Is this a superstition stemming from old customs, or simply a tradition that’s been passed down through generations?

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In the past, arranged marriages were very common, considered to be little more than business deals. The father of the bride, while wishing his daughter happiness in her life, feared that the groom would call off the ceremony if he thought that his bride-to-be wasn’t attractive enough. True love, right? Some also considered it bad luck for the marriage!

Nowadays, many brides and grooms still stick to this tradition for a ‘grand reveal’ at the ceremony. However, others are opting to ditch this in favour of first-look private reveals between the bride, groom and photographer – seen as an opportunity to capture the couple’s instinctive reaction at the first sight of each other, making for some super cute photos!

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So, what do Maltese couples have to say about this? Is it a superstition or a tradition followed by many? Being such devotees of all-things traditional, the vast majority of Maltese couples agreed that the practice is more of a tradition than a superstition, highlighting that part of the fun of it is the element of surprise when the bride makes her way up the aisle, which supposedly also brings happiness and luck to the special occasion.

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A Maltese wedding photographer agreed with the general public sentiment, saying, “I love capturing that special moment when the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress for the first time!”

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Others, however, have disagreed, saying that the bride often has a say in what the groom wears, so it should be the same for the groom. Some couples who have got married recently also said that they got ready in the same house and had their first look photos there. Could this be the start of a new tradition?

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