11th June 2018

Tamara Webb shares the sweetest post for her second wedding anniversary

Keep some tissues handy.

Photographer and social media goddess Tamara Webb is celebrating her second wedding anniversary today, and shared a heartfelt post on Instagram which surely many of her followers can relate to.

The couple tied the knot on 11th June 2016 with a ceremony at Nazzarenu Church in Sliema followed by a reception at Hilton Malta in what feels like “moments ago” to the newlyweds.

“We are two very ambitious, busy humans. And we are not perfect. We take our emotions out on each other at times and marriage is not and will never be something perfect,” Tamara wrote. “We have learnt that keeping vows requires patience and a lot of love for each other. It requires understanding and trust. Communication and forgiveness.”

“Through thick and thin – you are my soulmate. I knew that from the very first day I met you Ken,” Tamara continued. “When I’m down or very emotionally unstable, all I would want to do is sit down to watch our wedding video. It makes EVERYTHING better. Any troubles seem to fade when I remind myself why I live. I live, for you and for all the love I still have to give. I adore you. Thank you for everything RAGEL. Ghandi lilek. Ghandi KOLLOX.”


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