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3rd May 2018

Tell Us Your Hogwarts House And We’ll Show You The Perfect Engagement Ring

Consider this a Sorting Hat test for your engagement ring finger.

Every Harry Potter fan worth their salt knows what Hogwarts house they’d belong to, if they ever went to magic school (to recap: Gryffindor if you’re courageous and always up for a party, Ravenclaw if you’re a clever weirdo, Hufflepuff if you’re the person your friends always turn to for advice in the group chat, and Slytherin if you’re the kind of person who takes up two parking spaces for your Smart car.) Here’s the perfect engagement ring for a bride from each house.


A Victorian ruby ring surrounded by a dozen rose-cut diamonds.

Or this three-stone ruby and diamond ring, with an 18-carat gold mount and engraved shoulders.

Or even this fiery red diamond ring which symbolises your heart and passion.


How flawless is this yellow diamond ring?

And this yellow sapphire engagement ring is just too lovely for words.

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What can we say to this yellow dazzler except bling. It. ON.


This dreamy, kaleidoscopic Montana Sapphire is perfect for the quirky Ravenclaw bride.

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While this Ceylon sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds would perfectly suit a more classic gal.

The Ravenclaw motto is wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure – but as we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. (Or aquamarines in this case.)


This mesmerising emerald engagement ring is perfect for pledging your eternal love.

So is this elegant Australian green sapphire ring with inverted triangle side diamonds. #horcruxgoals

This cushion-cut green tourmaline set with white diamonds would make even a Malfoy envious.

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