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13th October 2018

The ins and outs of planning a wedding after-party

Should you keep the party going? And how much will it cost you?

The wedding after-party is something that’s relatively new to Malta. After the main reception is over, and the cake is cut, the guests will head to a new area of the wedding venue or even a new location to keep the party going, with drinks, dancing, and sometimes, even more food (the Maltese aren’t ones for dancing on an empty stomach.)

The subject of whether or not to have an after-party after the wedding is something that divides a lot of people. Some people feel that it is a waste of time and money, and would rather spend it on their honeymoon. Some think guests will be too tired after a long ceremony to keep the party alive. But others, particularly those who have an earlier ceremony, believe that it keeps the celebrations going.

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“It depends on what type of guests you have. We thought it would be fun after a mass at noon and a reception till about 6pm,” one bride on Facebook group Wedding Talk told OurWedding. “In fact, I can say that during those extra three hours, partying until 9pm, we had the best time of our lives. We kicked off our shoes and had a blast, no one wanted to leave and some continued to party in Paceville afterwards.”

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“The after-party is considered to be an add-on,” says Jean-Pierre Chircop of The Event Specialist, when contacted by OurWedding. “The price usually ranges from €1,000 to €4,000, depending on the overtime rate that the couple needs to incur. This includes catering, venue, band or DJ, photographer, videographer, and so on.”

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Mr Chircop says that the after-party typically commences as soon as the band stops playing, after the cutting of the cake. This is when the DJ takes over.

And it’s not just about dancing. “The current trend is for around three additional food items that are not considered to be standard or traditional for a wedding reception to be served, such as mini-hot dogs, burger sliders and chips.”

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