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22nd December 2017

The joys of a winter wedding

From the choice of venue and charming décor to delicious wintry treats for your guests, you can really go to town with planning a wedding in winter!

For many of us, a winter wedding may not be the first option to spring to mind when choosing a date for your big day – why expose yourself to cold weather, a restricted choice of attire and limited venue options when you could bask in the warm sun on a glorious spring day? But, in truth, winter weddings can turn out to be the most magical, and attention to the finer details will make your wedding day a truly unique and memorable one.

As time goes by, wedding celebrations are becoming more of a fun party and relaxed affair with close family and friends, and less of a stiff and formal event – where high heels are traded in for flip flops and guests let their hair down to dance the night away. The fun part of a winter wedding is that you could embrace classic winter elements to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible, so replace summer flip-flops with snug winter slippers to rest tired feet, and bring out the hot chocolate for a sweet treat, and you can be sure your guests will last into the wee hours.

Your choice of venue for a winter wedding will play an important role – it will determine the style of décor, theme and overall mood of the wedding. It is important to consider the amount of natural light at a venue for a day wedding at this time of year: look out for large windows or doors overlooking an outdoor area for a feeling of grandeur. Luckily for us locals, winter in Malta is relatively mild, and sudden changes of weather are not that common, so one might still be lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor wedding in winter during daytime. There’s always a risk in this, however, so make sure you have a back-up option just in case the weather gets ugly.

Suiting the décor to a winter wedding presents you with limitless options – if the date is close to the festive season, consider adding Christmas-inspired details such as crimson flowers, acorns for place-card holders and tree branches for a rustic feel.

A wintry theme could be applied to all aspects of your wedding, including the invitations, catering, souvenirs and dress. When it comes to food, you could include typical wintry treats like bite-sized pies, tiny portions of stew and shot glasses of warm, spiced soup. For beverages, you can’t omit delicious mulled wine and perhaps even eggnog if you’re into the festive vibe, creating a comfy and cosy feel for your guests!

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