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2nd March 2018

The kind of hen’s night you should have, based on your zodiac sign 

Let the stars (and the stars who share your star sign) be your guide to having a truly amazing hen’s night.


Arians like activity and indulgence in equal measures, so a perfect hen’s night would be a private trampoline exercise class for all their friends followed by lots of drinks, tapas and lots of mildly embarrassing dancing. Aries women are prone to get really annoyed at people who take ages to RSVP, so it’s best to go for activities that are fine with a flexible headcount.


Taurus girls are classy and sensual and enjoy the finer things in life, especially if they can eat them or drink them. A Taurus bride’s perfect hen’s night involves champagne and truffles in a limousine, a fabulous dinner with old and new friends, followed by a cozy screening of their favourite girly film.


Geminis are witty, restless and hate being bored, so the perfect Gemini hen’s night involves lots of different and unexpected activities – from laughing their head off at a stand-up comedy gig to drinking margaritas and singing karaoke with their besties at a slightly seedy bar. If you’re organising a hen’s night for a Gem, make sure you plan LOTS of surprises – they’ll love it.


Cancers are the ‘Mum friend’ of the zodiac – sweet, caring and a bit of a homebody, so a relaxing farmhouse day by the pool with plenty of cocktails, canapes and cake with their most beloved friends would be right up your alley. Cancers are very close to their family, so they’ll probably drag their sisters, their aunts and their mum along with them!


Leo girls are absolute divas and everyone who has ever met them for even five seconds knows it. A Leo bride’s ideal hen’s weekend involves lots of shopping for designer outfits, a full-scale makeover (not that they need to look better, but sometimes they want to look different), followed by a lavish party, preferably one where there are pictures of her face EVERYWHERE.


Frankly, Virgos don’t like the idea of hen’s nights that much – they like order and balance, and the thought of a penis hat anywhere near their head makes them cringe. However, they’d really enjoy a chic weekend getaway at a destination of their choice, with their closest friends following an itinerary they’ve meticulously designed themselves. (They will allow for one (1) hen’s night party game, because they are fun. Really!)


Libras adore beauty and luxury, so their ideal hen’s weekend involves a spa day at the fanciest hotel they can afford where the whole crew can get pampered, scrubbed and polished within an inch of their lives. After that, it’s time to hit the town with the whole posse looking newly-minted and extremely fabulous.


Scorpios are sexy, magnetic and drawn to the dark and steamy side of life. Their ideal hen’s night would be a weekend away with their besties in a beautiful, ancient villa that’s rumoured to be haunted, telling each other ghost stories while the finest wine keeps flowing. A male stripper will show up at the stroke of midnight, dressed as a sexy exorcist.


Sagittarians are basically puppies in human form - they have limitless energy and love to travel. A Sag’s ideal hen do would be a girls’ weekend away in a city they’ve never been to, where they can roam and discover all its hidden nooks and crannies and make their Instagram followers slightly nauseous with #wanderlust.


Capricorns are sensible, sophisticated and level-headed, so the idea of a noisy party really doesn’t do it for them. They’d really enjoy a wine-tasting weekend where they get pleasantly tipsy whilst learning something in the process (they’re huge geeks, but in a loveable way), followed by a seated concert by their favourite artist.


Aquarius folk are original, clever, and a touch eccentric, so you best believe they’ll have a memorable bachelorette bash. The ideal Aquarian weekend kicks off with a visit to the science museum, followed by a workshop on making your own jewellery, concluding with a space-themed party where guests are served sushi and molecular fusion cocktails.


Pisceans are romantic, emotional and sensitive, so their dream hen’s weekend would be a getaway to London to watch their favourite musical, followed by dinner and drinks at a quiet but hip wine bar where they can discuss how each scene made them feel. Note to guests – don’t worry if the Pisces bride-to-be keeps crying every five seconds – Pisceans just be like that sometimes.

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