9th December 2019

The Losco family has even more reason to celebrate this Christmas!

One of the three sisters shared some big news!

Everybody know what a tight-knit family the Loscos are, having kept not one but two big family events under wraps! First was Ira Losco’s stunning wedding last weekend to long-time partner and chef Sean Gravina, and now comes baby news from middle sister, Lisa!

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Lisa Losco, who got hitched last July announced in the most recent edition of Style magazine that she and husband Byron are expecting their first child! “Children have a wonderful way of bringing newfound joy into families,” the mum-to-be said. “I remember the excitement and happiness Harry brought into our lives, so I imagine it will be the same for the next newcomer!”

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Lisa added “becoming a mum means everything to me. I have wanted this for a very long time, and it has been on hold because of my work commitments overseas. Now my husband Byron and I are thrilled about this coming life-changing experience and can’t wait for this next chapter in our lives.”

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