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24th July 2018

The pros of delaying your honeymoon after tying the knot

What’s the rush?

Planning your honeymoon often goes onto your list of ‘wedding things to do’, side-by-side with ordering catering, buying the dress or choosing your bridesmaids. And, while you will definitely need a break after this hectic period in your life, many couples have found that delaying the honeymoon by a few weeks – or even months – is beneficial in many respects.

1. It’s easier on the pocket

Let’s not kid ourselves: a wedding can be immensely expensive (though you really don’t need frills such as a photo booth to make it special). Thousands are usually spent on a day which will fly by and be over before you can say ‘can I have another glass of prosecco please?’ With all that cash being delved out, taking a breather is a fine idea. Give yourself some financial respite and plan the honeymoon two to three months after the big day – enough for your monthly wage to boost your bank account.

2. You have some time to bond

Most people in Malta still wait to get married before moving out of their homes, which means that the period surrounding your day is fraught with changes – so much so that it’s sometimes difficult to feel on steady ground. Packing your belongings, getting married, going on holiday and moving into a new home is overwhelming for most. But, by settling down first, before going on holiday, you’ll get some breathing space to make yourself feel at home before travelling – giving you some time to truly bond as husband and wife.

3. You’ll be calmer

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Going on honeymoon a bit later also does wonders for your state of mind. The stress of the wedding will feel like a distant memory and the preoccupations of moving will be long behind you. So, all you’ll need to do is settle in your deckchair and order another cocktail.

4. You get to plan your dream honeymoon

There’s usually very little time – amidst the flurry of activity related to the wedding – to think seriously about your honeymoon. This is probably why many people opt for ready-made packages. While this may be helpful whatever the situation, you might not have time to look into the hotels or trips which have been selected for you and make any necessary changes. Giving yourselves some breathing space between the big day and the honeymoon allows you to look into the nitty gritty – once the fuss of the wedding has passed – and really plan the honeymoon of your dreams.

5. And you get to enjoy the process

And, there will be nothing else to focus on. You will not be rushing off to yet another fitting or trying to appease your mother because you’ve decided to go against ‘wedding etiquette’. Instead, the time after your wedding can be well and truly dedicated to the fun part: your holiday!

6. You’ll be raring to go

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You’ve been fuelled by adrenaline for so many months, you might experience quite a slump once you’re hitched. Going on holiday right as that starts, might make you weaker. It’s common knowledge that once you stop running ‘full-steam ahead’, you might not only run out of steam, but also come down with a bang and get sick. And, the last thing you want is to be ill on honeymoon. Give your body some time to recover before you take that flight and you’ll end up enjoying the big trip much more.

7. You’ll have something else to look forward to!

So, what happens once all your guests have gone home, you’ve dry cleaned your dress and you’ve unpacked your belongings and settled into your new home? Many people immediately start looking for the new high. Make that your honeymoon by splitting both joyous occasions, allowing you to truly savour each and every one individually.

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