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11th June 2017

The Summer 2017 Trends your Home Needs

Colour, raw white and gorgeous prints and patterns are leading the way for summer interior design trends this year. Here are some of our faves.

Mixed patterns

KESS InHouse

Enthusiasts of minimalist home décor might have a bone to pick with this trend, but hold that thought. In 2016, the runways – which are often trend-setters for home décor – were filled with mixed patterned fashion garments; a trend which is now being reflected in interiors. There’s no better time than summer to fill your home with colour, so consider pairing paisley prints with geometric designs, or floral patterns with Aztec prints, which work wonderfully as soft furnishings throughout the home.

Raw white

Elle Decor

Chalky and bone-hued whites will be the shades of choice this season, particularly for decorative items, instead of the stark and sterile shade of white that reigns supreme for home walls and essential kitchen and bathroom furniture. Raw white is softer, earthier and appears more organic than brilliant white, and, coupled with a textured finish, it exudes a sense of beauty at a time of year when our homes are flooded with light.

Marble finishes

Marble is loved for its elegant and luxe appearance, but often comes with a hefty price tag, which is why home owners are increasingly turning to faux marble finishes which are often indistinguishable from, and at times more reliable than their original counterparts. The use of faux finishes extends beyond marble – from faux wood to foliage, be it for indoor or outdoor décor, the sky’s the limit.



Thanks to Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year, green has made a comeback in all manners, from fashion to wall paint and home interiors, selected by the global colour company for its refreshing and revitalising effects which is symbolic of new beginnings. A touch of green can take the form of a feature wall, table glasses, a living room floor rug or a lamp – whether you opt for a little or a lot of it within your home, it will brighten up a space in a heartbeat in preparation for the months ahead.



Texture is being used by designers to tap into the human need to connect with objects and engage the sense of touch. This is being translated into material manipulation, such as pleats, folds and beautiful stitching for sofas, armchairs and headboards, as well as inspiring textures for light fixtures, wallpaper and brushed brass objects. You can achieve this trend at home by simply draping light linen throws for summer over a leather chair, and adding a few decorative pillows made with different textured fabrics.

Artisanal over DIY


In recent years, DIY and upcycling trends were everywhere, being relatively fast, cheap and easy ways of reworking old items into ones that look brand new. Increasingly, however, designers are turning to artisanal home décor items rather than upcycled ones, which reflect a degree of craftsmanship and high level of skill, the likes of glass-blowing, porcelain, ceramics and woodworking. With no shortage of craftspeople on the island, a colourful artisanal object will brighten your home in an instant. Opt for vibrant hues of blue and yellow, or a preferred bright colour of your choice for summer, and voilà!

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