2nd November 2018

The wedding kiss: 6 useful tips to make sure you get it right

There’s no room for error before an eagle-eyed crowd

The whirlwind of emotions you’ll feel while facing each other to say your ‘I Dos’ at the altar may make you forget the crowd of loving family members, friends and colleagues watching your every move. But the fact remains that you’ll be sharing your first kiss as a married couple in front of many watchful eyes – so you want to make sure you get it right. Take heed of our practical tips to nail your wedding day kiss.

1. Move close

You want to avoid looking like you’re leaning towards each other over a wide table with room for a pony in between, or stretching your lips to reach your partner’s. Get close to each other, and don’t be afraid to be affectionate with a hand on the waist or face. You just got hitched for Christ’s sake!

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2. Don’t rush towards each other

Excited as you may be to share your first kiss as newlyweds, you want to avoid any of the following scenarios: bumping heads, bumping noses, hitting each other’s teeth, or missing each other’s mouths. Move in for the kiss slowly, assuredly and confidently, and you’ll do great.

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3. Close your eyes

This is a crucial one. Nothing spells awkward more than a kiss with eyes wide open. You may do so all you want while getting intimate at home, but it will be a lot more magical, and a lot less uncomfortable for your guests, if you close your eyes when kissing in front of an audience.

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4. Use your hands

We don’t mean get handsy, but don’t leave your arms swing uncomfortably by your side with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Touch your partner’s face, put your hand behind their head, grab their waist – don’t be shy! But don’t get carried away.

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5. Be yourselves

Being passionate about your first kiss is totally acceptable – just don’t forget to be polite. Avoid any tongue action with an overlooking priest or officiant and possibly quite a few on looking children too. Let your happiness of the day shine through without making your guests shift in their seats.

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6. Go with the flow

There are only so many parts of the wedding that you can rehearse and prepare for with practice – the wedding kiss is NOT one of them. You want this to be spontaneous and natural, so just go with the flow and hope for the best. Good or bad, it will be a kiss to remember.

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