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11th February 2020

They see me rollin’! 8 awesome cars that guarantee a grand entrance on your wedding day

There’s a choice for every couple.

When you come around to planning your wedding transport, you’re likely either really sure of what you want, or open to ideas and suggestions from the experts in the field. One service provider with an enviable collection of gorgeous cars is Dalton’s Chauffeur Services, whose varied options will guarantee a choice for all couples.

1. The open-topped stunner

The Austin Princess seven-seater convertible is an absolute classic choice for a wedding, and a great one too for the couple that wouldn’t mind making a grand entrance in an open-topped vehicle, especially on a stunning and sunny day.


2. The classic option

The mother of traditional wedding cars, the Dalton’s 1950 Triumph Renown has been kept in impeccable condition by Dalton’s and is a classic option for the couple that’s throwing an elegant and traditional Maltese wedding.


3. Vintage vibes

If you’ve always wanted a vintage car for your wedding day, Dalton’s has just the one. The Classic Bramwith seven-seater convertible is a great car for you and your bridal party to drive to the ceremony in, and for the newlyweds to make an impactful entrance at their wedding bash.


4. An American classic

The 1963 Cadillac DeVille convertible is an American beauty for the couple that’s up for something different, or for those who are in love with American classic cars. You’ll definitely be rolling up in style to celebrate the start to your married life with this car.


5. The fun-loving one

Fun-loving couples may not want to opt for traditional-looking transport, and if so, Dalton’s has got just what you’re looking for. Why not book an old Maltese bus to take your wedding party to and from the venue? You can bet it will be a fun ride.


6. An iconic look

An iconic choice for your wedding day is Dalton’s 1964 Bentley S3. A dazzler and absolutely gorgeous car, the Bentley will elevate your wedding feel and photos too in one fell swoop.


7. Snazzy couple

The beautiful 1963 Volks Wagen Karman Ghia convertible is a looker all around, and a super photogenic car at that! If you're considering a pre- or post-wedding photo shoot with a decidedly vintage theme, we can't think of a better accessory than this pretty pastel car.


8. Cool kids

Maybe not for your wedding day, but this Ford Mustang will definitely make for some absolutely awesome pre-wedding shots. But hey, if you love Mustangs and dare to be different, this is just the one.


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