13th August 2019

This young fan bowing at Kate Middleton is the cutest thing you’ll see today

She was clearly prepared for meeting the Duchess.

Kate Middleton is no stranger to receiving royal treatment, including bows and curtseys, which is the kind of etiquette you expect people to show when there’s a royal in your midst.

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In fact, it looks like this young girl had been practicing her moves for the Duchess of Cambridge, which she delivered with such grace and panache.

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After Prince William and Kate Middleton’s sailing race last week for the King’s Cup, the young fan, whose name is unknown, handed a bouquet of flowers to the Duchess, after which she threw her arms back dramatically and bowed her head, earning the cutest reaction from Kate Middleton herself who squatted down near the child with a huge smile on her face.

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Making the young fan that much more endearing was the fact that she was wearing face paint to resemble a unicorn. Seriously, she’s the best!

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