5th July 2018

Tips and ideas for using stunning roses in your wedding

They’re bloomin’ fantastic!

1. Select those which look full

There’s nothing more beautiful than roses in full bloom, their petals open like a doorway to spring. But, even if you’re not getting married during that green season, speak to your florist about making sure your blossoms have what it takes to take on the task.

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2. Utilise in a bouquet with a seamless transition in colour

You don’t need to stick to one colour. Actually, it’s better if you don’t! Pick tones which blend into each other seamlessly, add some leafy fronds and – voila – you’re a boho queen!

3. Or select identical blooms

But, if you’re the sort who likes things even and neat, opting for identical flowers can definitely rock! Consider the species of rose first and foremost – there are many on the market (some more expensive than others). Observe the curve of the blossom and, perhaps, link it to a strand within your wedding theme.

4. Go for white

You are the lady in white – for the day at any rate. While many are tempted, and sometimes encouraged, to include splashes of colour in their look and decor, usually through the choice of florals, you can decide to opt out of variations in tone. Choose white for a clean, pure look, which goes back to pretty basics.

5. Use them in your flower crown

What a statement this makes! Last wedding season, floral crowns were all the rage and the drama has been stepping onto aisles and into weddings across the world. There are many types of flowers to choose from, but opt for roses if you want to draw the eye, whatever the colour.

6. Think colour with jewelled tones

Paler rose combinations can be teamed up with sumptuous ruby, emerald and sapphire florals, to create a stunning bouquet you might want to dry out after your big day and transform into pot pourri!

7. In your décor

Don’t forget the rest of your wedding décor! Attention needs to be given to the flowers placed on the tables, intertwined in arches and in those elements that add a bit of oommpph to your chosen venue. While you don’t need to match these to your bridal bouquet, don’t go completely off-tune.

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