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25th June 2017

Tips for Choosing the Ultimate Wedding Troop

Who wants a drunken best man or a moaning flower girl on their big day? A great wedding troop can be your A-Team on the big day, so don’t underestimate the importance of choosing wisely!

Here’s a list of the major bridal party roles and their significance. Our advice? Stick to family members you feel closest to or friends you’ve shared a good amount of memories with.


She is usually aged between four and eight, and her role is to walk ahead of you, scattering flower petals or simply carrying a pretty bouquet or basket. Try to make sure she’s not too young, and is able to obey and be without her parents for a while.



In essence, his role is to look adorable while walking up the aisle before the bride. It’s important to tell your chosen little boy what is expected of him beforehand. In fact, things will run a lot more smoothly if both the page boy and flower girl go through a light-hearted run-through of what will happen, to avoid chances of them feeling intimidated on the day.


This is usually a young child who may have to be accompanied by an adult, usually one of his parents, but we also love the idea of a particularly well-behaved pet to fill this role. Just make sure they really are well-behaved – you don’t want anyone to be chasing your wedding rings around the church!


These can be single or married and you can choose as many or as few as you like. Their main role will be to assist the maid of honour with her wedding-planning duties, especially the bridal shower and help the bride as needed – for example, collecting the gifts and hitting the dance floor.


She is the person the bride relies most heavily on. Traditionally, she is usually the bride’s sister or closest friend, who plans the bridal shower and ensures, together with the best man, that the day is as smooth sailing as can be. She needs to be trustworthy and super organised!


He is the one to organise the bachelor’s party (*cough*) – the first reason why you should choose wisely. On the day, he makes sure that the event goes smoothly. Following the ceremony, the best man traditionally organises the formal pictures, dances with the maid of honour and orchestrates the toasts during the reception. Finally, he makes sure the getaway car is ready.


In order for the marriage to be valid, two people must serve as official witnesses and are usually required for a marriage to be recognised under civil law. These could be anyone, from trusted friends to family members.

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