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16th May 2018

Tips for ensuring your wedding photos are simply perfect

We asked one of the best in the business – professional wedding photographer Tonio Lombardi – for his insight.

It’s surprising just how quickly your wedding day flies by: one moment you’re getting dressed and, the next, you’re cutting the cake – it almost feels like time has been sped up and what has actually taken an hour feels like a split second!

At the end of the day, all you’ll have left after the wedding are your own memories of the day and your incredible wedding photos. But, when booking your photographer, are there any requests you can make to ensure your photos are beautiful and just as you want them? We asked professional wedding photographer Tonio Lombardi for some advice.

1. Think natural and make some time

You don’t want your photos to look stiff and standoffish. “I shoot weddings with a natural, documentary approach,” says Tonio. “Throughout the day, I normally allocate some time for shooting a few natural pictures of the couple alone. I like to promote this time as the only time they can be together alone throughout the day of their wedding, and even though I would be shooting in the background, I tend to insist that they forget about me and just enjoy each other.”

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2. Enjoy yourselves!

If you’re feeling uncomfortable or unhappy – this will show in the photos. “My work basically reflects how comfortable the couple are feeling together. For this reason, I try to find a quiet spot wherever we are, so that they can enjoy each other’s company for a little while,” Tonio continues.

3. Be spontaneous

There’s no need to follow a script. The best moments – those you will remember into your old age – are those which come out of the blue. Tonio encourages couples to let loose and just enjoy themselves. “I tend to give the couple some tips before we start. The best shots are the spontaneous ones, so I encourage the couple to savour the moment they're in; forget about the wedding day's hustle and bustle and just be mindful and savour the day,” he explains.

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4. Exercise!

If you hate having photos taken, you might think this all sounds like a bit of a tall order. But, looking natural and spontaneous just takes a bit of practice, according to Tonio. “I try to do some simple exercises like staring at each other for one whole minute. You can get some really spontaneous laughs and giggles. I also try to have the couple hold on tight to each other, so close they can actually smell each other (ladies & gents, wear your cologne!), but without actually touching each other,” he smiles.

5. And what about the bridal party?

Tonio acknowledges that shooting groups is trickier since there are more people involved. Key moments, such as the throwing of the bouquet, need some care to make sure everyone gets in on the shot. “Throwing your bouquet hands is great but be careful not to cover each other's faces while doing so. The best shots are the ones where the bridal party is interacting with the bride. Pamper her, joke around, and walk together,” he advises.

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