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1st August 2017

Up, Up and Away – Marisianne & Steve

From a picture-perfect venue to personalised décor, invites and souvenirs, Marisianne and Steve share memories from their travel-themed October wedding. 

Marisianne and Steve first laid eyes on one another when they were just teenagers, having lived merely two blocks away from each other. Marisianne, 29, a nurse by profession and Steve, 31, an investment manager, were 16 and 18 respectively when they first started dating, and they never looked back since.

“My husband and I have very different characters – he is the traditional, diplomatic guy whilst I am more direct and straight to the point. As the story goes, opposites attracts. Throughout the years, we had lots of ups and downs, but together we found a way through our differences to live in harmony,” says Marisianne. “We had been together for 12 years before we got married, and lived together for the last eight. We’ve shared a lot of milestones together, from graduating and starting our careers to building our home and loads, loads of travelling.”

Their shared passion for travel played a part in every aspect of their wedding, including the proposal. They had been dating for nine years when, back in October 2013, the couple were enjoying a Mediterranean cruise for their birthdays. It was during this trip that Steve surprised his future wife well into the early hours of the morning.

“It was the night of my birthday and we were dancing until the early hours of the next day. At around 3am we were going back to our room, but Steve had other plans and instead of pressing lift the floor number our room was on, he chose the upper deck. I was too tired to notice, and when we arrived, I started complaining because I was tired, while Steve insisted on going for a walk… at 3am! We went walking along the upper deck until he found a quite spot, where he asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. At first I burst out laughing, but then of course I said ‘Yes’. It felt like an epic Titanic moment!”

And so the couple went on to the plan their wedding for 22nd October 2016, with a ceremony and reception at Villa Bologna in Attard and a guest list of 560 people. “I took care of the wedding preparations, with the help of Johanna Zammit from Bali Stuff who helped us decorate and set up the venue in a travel theme. She is exceptional, and her innovative ideas and expertise transformed our venue into a magical setting,” says Marisianne.

“I always wanted to get married in a beautiful garden, at a venue that could cater for the ceremony and reception. Being October, we were worried about the weather, so we wanted a venue which had a beautiful backup while enabling us to enjoy the outdoors. Villa Bologna had it all – the first garden was a perfect backdrop for the civil ceremony, where I walked down the aisle from the main door, while the reception was held in the inner garden.”

The travel theme idea came to mind after their photographer, Tonio Lombardi, asked them what they love doing most during their pre-wedding shoot. Travel was the obvious answer, and so they incorporated their shared passion into every aspect of the wedding: the invitations were boarding passes, the favours were luggage tags, and the guestbook album was full of pictures taken during their travels along the years.

“Our wedding was different because we made it our own. We had a civil ceremony where four of our closest family and friends read a personalised letter to us. We also said a short speech to each other after our vows which had everyone in tears. Finally, my mother surprised us with a letter which left us in tears. We also chose specific songs for the ceremony accompanied by the harp and sang by our two talented friends, Alan and Andre Sciberras. All this made the ceremony even more intimate and personal,” says Marisianne.

“We also cut the cake right after the ceremony, as we didn’t like the idea of cutting the cake after all the dancing and running around greeting people. The cake was also part of the theme – it was all white with a dotted line circling the different tiers, with airplanes in between, done for us by Island Caterers.”

As for the bride’s gown, she opted for a simple and elegant option, in the style she knew she liked and wanted: ivory, mermaid fit with lace, backless and with a slight train at the back. “We started the quest in January and I tried on a lot of dresses in different styles. But when I put on this dress, it felt perfect instantly, and it had everything I was looking for. I didn’t want a veil, just a head piece; however, by grandmother, who I’m very close to, insisted that I should have a veil so that she can put it on. My grandmother came to the house before the ceremony to put it on for me, and it was a very emotional moment as she was not in the best of health at the time, but she put all her effort to be there for us on our special day and it meant the world to me.”

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