7th November 2019

WATCH: “I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing”: The moment a guy ran up the aisle during a Maltese wedding

Could this be every couple’s worst nightmare?

Maltese personality and owner of EVA MARIEE bridal James Xuereb is well-known in the world of local weddings, particularly when it comes to bridal dresses. In a recent episode of local TV show The Entertainers, James discussed one particular wedding in which he had to run up the aisle during a ceremony – something that is probably every couple’s nightmare.

Discussing the wedding with presenter Janvil, James revealed the moment when things were about to go wrong. “One situation that wasn’t so great, since the bride had spent a lot of money, was when her veil fell while walking into the church because it wasn’t fixed on properly, and as a result, she walked up to the altar without her veil,” James reveals.

james xuereb

“I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. From the very last row at the back of the church, I walked up the aisle to fix it for her. I just had to!”

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