2nd April 2018

WATCH: This carpool karaoke proposal will make you laugh and cry

He pulled out all the stops for an unforgettable proposal!

Tyler Stafford proposed to his girlfriend EB with a carefully-planned-but-seemingly-impromptu carpool karaoke battle that is epically funny yet adorably heart-warming.

Stafford, who shared the video on his YouTube page last December, explained “This week I surprised my girlfriend EB with an “impromptu” Carpool Karaoke battle. What she didn't know was that I had enlisted the help of her brother (who flew in from Tennessee) and parents (who flew in from Texas) to help me propose to her. Had a lot of fun making this video and asking the girl of my dreams to be my wife.”

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The couple met on dating app Bumble around three years ago, as Stafford explained on How He Asked.

“I wasn’t looking to settle down or even find a girlfriend, but rather simply go on a date and find someone that challenged me. Someone that I could connect with. Someone to verbally spar with. Someone funnier than I think I am. Someone that knew who they were as a person, but still looking to grow. But most importantly, someone that was just easy to hang with,” he wrote.

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“After reading that list of qualifications for a date, it even now feels like a pretty tall order. It was such subjective criteria I had come to terms with the “fact” that I was never going to find someone that truly FIT, but rather settling for someone. With only a witty intro line, “I trust you implicitly internet stranger. What should I give you first – blood type? Address? Social Security Number?” I was able to tell that EB was different. IT’S NUTS.”

It only took one date for him to realise that she was the girl of his dreams. Watch the video to see how he popped the question, and we dare you not to cry.

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