11th January 2017

Wedding Guest Plus One: Is it OK to Take a Date?

If you’re invited to a wedding and it says ‘+guest’, who is it OK to take? Will a guy friend think it's a hint that you're interested? Is it too forward to bring someone you've just started dating? Or would you rather rock up alone?

As a singleton, getting invited to weddings with a guest can be a little hard to navigate. It’s tempting to take a friend along who you know you’ll have a good time with, but if that friend belongs to the opposite sex, could the invitation be misinterpreted for a romantic advance? And how about it you’ve just started seeing someone, but aren’t technically an item yet, is it too forward to bring them along? How about simply going it alone and foregoing the guest entirely?

We took to social media to ask for opinions about the Plus One dilemma, and while there are a few varying thoughts and some great words of advice, one thing certainly emerges – there really are no rules! Here are some of our favourites:

Gender Isn’t important

“A guest at a wedding is anyone you’ll love the company of. So no matter the relationship as long as the person is good company, it's great!” - Tiziana Camilleri

“I take whoever I'm going to have fun with… guy or girl. I don't want someone boring who I’m going to have to entertain.” - Yasmin Tabone

“Take someone you're comfortable with... that you can enjoy whatever the occasion.” - Erica Bondin

“I took a male friend with me to a wedding in August had a great laugh – no awkwardness at all, just a great time.” - Rebecca Cocks

Establish the Ground rules

“If it’s a family wedding, go alone. If it’s a friend’s wedding, go with your best friend. Never take a man because you’d be sending the wrong message.” - Hayley Mizzi

“You take whomsoever it pleases you to take. A guy should know he is there in the capacity of what we oldies call a ‘handbag’!” - Tanja Cilia

“If you like someone or are seeing them, you can ask that person, nothing’s wrong with that – just tell him you’ve got an invite and maybe he wants to go. If not, a good friend is OK, though not one who has a crush on you and who you don't feel the same about – don’t give the wrong signals! Anyone you would have fun with really… you’re a guest so whoever you take, you don't need to marry him!” - Deimante Ciuzaite

“It depends on who is getting married... if they are close friends, I would invite a friend. But if the wedding is of someone who you’re not close with, then yes I would take a date.” - Joanne Gauci

It’s a Case by Case situation

“I think it’s OK to take your new boyfriend with you. Just exclude him from some of the photos you take with the bride and groom because if you break up he’ll be in all the photos!” - Stephania Seychell

“Depends on my relation to the bride and groom and how cool the guy is. If it’s a family wedding, I probably wouldn't take anyone who isn’t a partner unless the family already knows us as good friends. Otherwise, it depends on the man and how cool I think he would be with going to a wedding with me.” - Abigail Cauchi

“A plus one when you’re single could be anyone really... I took a teenage daughter with me as mine. On another occasion, I went along with a female best friend. Sometimes it was a guy I was dating. I myself was my mum’s plus one at times. Why not?” - Sharon Tanti

“I'd probably take my mum or a female friend. The last guy friend I asked to go with me to a wedding must have freaked out, because he practically stopped talking to me for a long while. Go figure.” - Sarah Spiteri

“I’ve taken my sister in the past, but if she hadn’t been available I would have taken a cousin, one of my girlfriends or a guy friend. If you don’t want anything to happen with him just let him know beforehand that it’s not a date – friend zone him! If you've only just started dating someone, it depends how much you're into each other.” - Isabelle Luca Borg

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