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7th December 2016

“When it was Time to Propose, My Nerves got the Better of Me”

Ben Camille on how he met his wife Kristina, the proposal and the best memories shared throughout their 11-year relationship.

“Kristina and I have known each other for a long time – we attended the same school and I was a year ahead of her,” says Ben Camille in an interview with Gwida magazine. “She always caught my eye, but when I approached her initially, she wasn’t interested. Eventually, I managed to steal her heart, and 11 years later, I’m calling her my wife.”

Ben and Kristina tied the knot on 26th November 2016 before family, friends and lots of Maltese famous faces with a reception held at Buddhamann at the Corinthia Hotel. But the proposal was a far more-low key affair.

“I got our families together at Kristina’s mother’s house. I was more than prepared and the atmosphere was fantastic, but I must admit that when it was time to propose, my nerves got the better of me and I managed to mess up my words, even though I had practiced what I wanted to say time and again. We all ended up laughing and crying at the same time!”

Kristina says her reaction to the proposal was a mix of shock, shyness and joy all rolled into one. “It took me a while to recover from the surprise, and despite being together for 11 years, that had to be the biggest surprise he ever sprung on me! In fact, we were travelling the next day but I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.”

Wedding preparations were shared between the couple, and each one took on particular roles, although Ben admits that he found lots of support from numerous individuals and suppliers that lent a hand to the wedding preparations, amongst them ROCSGroup, Diamonds International Malta, Pierre Camille Hairdressing and The Groom Collection

Throughout their relationship, the couple have shared many life experiences and have been by each other’s side through it all, which is why Ben struggles to pick a most memorable experience shared with his wife.

“It’s extraordinary how two people go through so much together and yet their relationship continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve shared lots of special moments together, but if I had to pick, I think some of the best memories we have are from our holidays together – I treasure the time I spend with Kristina while we travel.”

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