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23rd May 2018

Why you should avoid opening gifts on your hen’s night

Hint: it ain’t no fun

You might think opening presents at your hen’s night is a no-brainer. After all, who doesn’t like opening gifts? But, if you’re given many (lucky you!), you might want to consider postponing the big reveal till later on – or doing away with it altogether. Here’s why.

1. You want guests to have fun!

Watching someone else opening presents for half an hour, or more, is really no fun. After all, all your family and friends will be doing is – literally – watching you. And, that’s not necessarily why they said yes to the invite!

2. You want everyone to feel comfortable

If your family and friends cannot afford to spend so much, should their thriftiness be on display? We think not. Be kind and, above all, respect people’s privacy and personal circumstances by opening the gifts later!

3. You can celebrate in other ways

Opening presents isn’t the only way to commemorate this beautiful event and your upcoming nuptials! You could, perhaps, insist on no presents, valuing the time you spend with your female loved ones instead.

4. There’s plenty more to do!

Spending time opening gifts really wastes time in which you could be doing other things, such as drinking champagne, dancing or playing games – activities in which everyone can participate and have a good time.

5. Save the planet

We know it’s difficult not to love presents. We can’t get enough of them! So, if you still want to know what your loved ones have bought – or made – for you as soon as you see them, how about asking everyone not to wrap them? Problem solved!

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